How I started

At the age of 13 I received my first laptop and after a short time of only beeing a user I wanted to give my computer instructions to do something for me. I started learning programming with VB and C#.NET. Later on I started to use Typo3 with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With the success of the iPhone I started to look into iOS in combination with web services. I saw the ever rising need in cloud applications so i started to use Java EE. For my latest project AlpTiming i also learned how to programm microcontrollers.

Software Developer

AlpTiming Logo
Target Platform:Web & Mobile
Technologies:Java EE 7MySQLApacheWildflyRESTful WebserviceiOSAndroidJPAJSFPrimefacesHTMLSCSSjQueryArduinoGSM & GPS
Description:This platform takes sports timing to the next level. The user can create or join events such as trainings or competitions and gets the results on his mobile. Everything live, reliable and fast!
I am responsible for the hole architecture and programming of this project. From the web application and web service in Java EE to the mobile apps in iOS and Android and also the programming of the microcontrollers to interact via GPRS with our web service.
European Accident Report Logo
Name:European Accident Report
Target Platform:iPhone & iPad
Description:This application contains 12 different languages in case your accident partner speaks an other language. You can draw sketches and add photos to document exactly what happened. Easy and clear navigation allows you even on a small screen to quickly put in your data. Your site will be automatically located by GPS.

Web Developer

Yogana Start
Target Platform:Responsive web
Description:A website for presenting products and providing information about the whole company.
SUSO Start
Target Platform:Responsive web
Description:A website for an orienteering club in Graz. There is a blog, archive and additional event information.